I'm back!


I haven't had my  site up in a while and is rebuilding it from scratch. This is just a placeholder.

Work: Linux systems engineer P4 / Technical Team Lead at Rackspace
Interests: Roller Derby, Roller Skating Photography, Shooting Sports/Marksmanship, Electronics, Cycling

What am I going to do given the news about Rackspace? I'm not sure, I wasn't directly impacted, but I am watching the fallout very closely. I'm not actively looking, buuuuuuuuuut.... never say never. I'm doing the best I can to get over the shock and disappointment and to get back into the groove. If I can get back into the groove, maybe I'll wait and reassess in February when the fallout starts settling, and I've told my colleagues that it may be good while they search that they can use me as a personal reference from somebody who is still at the Rack.

What am I gonna do here this time? I was an active early blogger at the dawn of the web, I've done my share of trolling, and I've hosted howtos. I think what I'm going to do this time around is a mix of Linux howtos, blogging, and publish Linux one-liners.