I'm back!


I haven't had my  site up in a while and is rebuilding it from scratch. This is just a placeholder.

Current position: Senior Storage Consultant at Red Hat
Previous position: Linux systems engineer L3/P4 / Technical Team Lead at Rackspace 2015-2021
Interests: Roller Derby, Roller Skating Photography, Shooting Sports/Marksmanship, Electronics, Cycling
What am I gonna do here on this site this time? I was an active early blogger at the dawn of the web, I've done my share of trolling, and I've hosted howtos. I think what I'm going to do this time around is a mix of Linux howtos, blogging, and publish Linux one-liners. I'm going to re-write the one-liners I've developed over the last 7 years because I find them super handy. I am going to code them more efficiently than I did at my last job, and write new one-liners I've been wanting for my toolkit for a while, to have handy for my next gig, and publish them here under a BSD license.

I am going to try to rewrite some really neat reporting scripts I wrote a few years ago,  one was somewhat cumbersome and sloppily written because I had added elements of the report to it over time and I can simplify a lot of things, such as not piping through grep before awk unless I need to. My final disk report script was 2.5K and I'd like to get it down to under 2K in size, while keeping hungarian notation variable names. For example, I used df to get the mount point  and hard to parse it, where a stat --printf=%m could have done it cleanly. We sometimes cobble things together oddly when working through an issue working incrementally making it up on the fly for troubleshooting a problem, rather than actually designing the tools with the final feature set to begin with.