Stand by - One-liners rewrite project on hold for now due to new development

Submitted by k-admin on Tue, 11/02/2021 - 18:17

I've had the one-liners rewrite project on hold because I have been rethinking the whole project, and think these should be included as part of Linux distributions. It just so happened after two months of negotiations before I left Rackspace, I've joined a well-known Linux company you may have heard of. It is going to take some time for me to get settled in but once I am through the onboarding I'll turn some attention to the one-liners project and am going to treat some of the more advanced scripts as system utilities rather than one-liners, with proper development plans, and am considering various options for publishing.

One of the reasons for putting the project on hold is my favorite pet system utility that I want to start with is related to my new position, and I want to go through the training process and discover what functionality that may be useful that I haven't thought of, to make it as extensible as possible. I have a lot of ideas and it goes way beyond what can be handled by a simple one-liner script.

My original script worked well, but the code is ugly as it was cobbled together filtering output of previous commands on the fly while working trouble tickets, and while the output was incredibly useful, the code is inefficient, and at this point in my career, downright embarrassing because it's obvious it was built to specific needs in heat of the moment, and not ever designed and planned. I suspect a few simple changes would reduce the size of the one-liner from 2.6k down to at least 1.5k, even while retaining long user-friendly variable names.